Methods and Analysis

Course Description:

VAQS fellows must be proficient in leading and participating in quality improvement initiatives. In this course, fellows learn the applied improvement methods and analysis skills necessary to design, plan, implement, evaluate, manage, and sustain a QI project. Notable features of the VAQS Methods and Analysis Course include an emphasis on creating robust measures and data collection plans to support improvement, analyzing data using statistical process control charts, and applying implementation science frameworks and strategies to improvement work.

The course is built upon the following competencies:

  1. Apply the methods and skills associated with process improvement
  2. Design, implement, manage, and monitor quality improvement systems
  3. Responsibly conduct research
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of study design
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of statistical approaches/sources of error
  6. Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and use of healthcare informatics


Sample Sessions:

  • Study Design
  • Informatics I : Introduction to Informatics
  • Informatics II
  • LEAN
  • Agile Project Management
  • Qualitative Methods : Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Analysis I
  • Analysis II
  • Advanced Analysis Techniques I
  • Advanced Analysis Techniques II
  • Implementation I : Innovative Designs for QI

Implementation II : Evaluation Frameworks