Developing Leaders and Scholars to Improve Healthcare

NOTE: A new VA Quality Scholars site is in the wings, to be released Spring 2020.

The VA Quality Scholars program trains leaders and scholars in healthcare improvement for the VA and leads change nationally and internationally. 

The VA Quality Scholars program consists of eleven sites across the United States, as well as an affiliate site in Toronto, Canada. Each site in the US consists of a partnership between a VA hospital and an academic institution. It has an interprofessional emphasis with physicians, doctoral-trained nurses, clinical psychologists and pharmacists as fellows and faculty.

updated vaqs map


The Coordinating Center is excited to announce the VAQS program expansion following the recent program renewal! The competitively selected new sites include: Charleston, Durham, and Minneapolis. The VAQS program now reaches 11 sites nationally (existing sites include: Atlanta, Birmingham, Cleveland, Greater Los Angeles, Iowa City, Nashville, San Francisco and White River Junction).

The VAQS program is supported by the VA Office of Academic Affiliations and includes the Houston Coordinating Center, national program sites, and partnerships with the VA Rural Scholars program and the Toronto Quality Scholars program. 

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  • Interdisciplinary Fellowships

  • Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists & Psychologists

  • Network of hundreds of graduates

  • 30%  alumni in federal leadership 

  • 40% alumni in academic positions 

  • Two-thirds in VA, take leadership positions

  • Alumni network: CEO’s, CMO’s & more

  • Nationally recognized research funding 

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Summer Institute

Summer Institute is the culmination of VA Quality Scholars year-long works and the international collaborative that springs forth initiatives for future endeavors. Scholars, Faculty, and Fellows enjoy a week-long conference featuring world-renowned guest speakers, innovation, and scholarly activity.