Program Leadership


The Houston team has been coordinating the VAQS program since 2015.
The center coordinates the development, implementation, and evaluation of the program.

Director, VA Quality Scholars

Aanand Naik 2

Aanand Naik, MD

Director, VA Quality Scholars

(713) 794-8541

Associate Directors

Jane Anderson 3
Godwin, Kyler
Sylvia Hysong 4
Woodard 1

Jane Anderson, PhD, RN, FNP-BC

Associate Director for Nurse Scholars, VA Quality Scholars

(713) 794-8079

Kyler Godwin, PhD

Associate Director for Curriculum and Program Operations, VA Quality Scholars

(713) 440-4672

Sylvia Hysong, PhD

Associate Director for Evaluation, VA Quality Scholars

(713) 440-4444

LeChauncy Woodard, MD, MPH

Associate Director for Physcian Scholars, VA Quality Scholars

(713) 440-4441


Diana Stewart

                                                 Molly Horstman, MD, MS

                                                  Curriculum Development


            Diana Stewart, MD, MBA

                          Curriculum Development




Joshua Conwell

Program Coordinator – Education

Educational Leadership Fellows

Isabelle Kusters 2
Srikar Mapakshi