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Greater Los Angeles

The VA Greater Los Angeles Quality Scholars site is not currently accepting applications. Thank you for your interest!

Faculty at our VAQS site are sought after for expertise in implementation science, program evaluation, primary care, mental health, women’s health, patient safety, and vulnerable populations.

Fellows come to our VAQS site to gain an expertise in health services research and  quality improvement methods.

Our program site is known for the strength of its health services research program, the diversity of VA-based implementation science activities, the diversity of faculty interests, and close connections to our academic affiliate (especially UCLA Schools of Medicine and Public Health) and to RAND.

David Ganz, MD, PhD
Senior Physician Scholar

Learn more about Dr. Ganz

Shelly de Peralta, DNP, ACNP-BC
Senior Nurse Scholar

Evelyn Chang, MD, MSHS

Learn more about Dr. Chang

Lisa Rubenstein, MD, MSPH

Current FIRST Year Fellows

Jonathan Baghdadi, MD

Caleb Cheng, MD

                                                                                                        Maryanne Chumpia, MD



Linda Kim, RN

Connie Lin, MD


Brian Doyle, MD

Lucinda Leung, MD

Katherine Mitchell, MD, RN


Pushpa Raja, MD

Christine Lam, MD, MBA

Yalda Rahimi, RN-BSN, PHN, BA, MSHA