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As a five-star facility, the Minneapolis VA Health Care System (MVAHCS) has established a system of quality improvement and patient safety (PS) that has served as a catalyst for our leadership in improving Veteran health. Our approach is to provide educational offerings, data and informatics support, and expertise across multiple levels of content and skill, providing faculty and staff the ability to incorporate improvement into their strategic priorities and daily work.

MVAHCS is a national leader in:

  1. Health Care Quality: MVAHCS is a top tier VA, recipient of the Carey and Minnesota Council for Quality awards, and the only 1A facility to maintain 5-star SAIL rating for 6 years in a row
  2. Health Services and Quality Improvement Research: Hosts a VA Health Services Research and Development (HSR&D) Center of Innovation (COIN) with 26 interprofessional investigators who have made substantial contributions to VA policy and practice
  3. Interprofessional Practice and Education: The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (NEXUS) is located at University of Minnesota by nationally recognized expert in interprofessional practice and education VAQS faculty member, Dr. Barbara Brandt
  4. Mentored Training: program organized according to a four-phase conceptual framework, presented in a web-based course “Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring”

Second Year Fellows

Renee Colsch, PhD, RN, SCRN, CQ

First Year Fellows

Lyndsay Thompson, DNP, BSN, RN



  • Alex Thompson, DNP, PMHNP
  • Patrick Cruitt, PhD
  • Rebecca Brown, PhD, MEd, RN


  • Amanda Christensen, BS, RN, DNP Candidate


  • Joyce Brettner, DNP, MAHS, RN-BC