The Durham VAHCS has an array of robust QI structures in place demonstrating our dedication to continual process improvement of care. Our quality QI infrastructure is built from interdisciplinary teams at all levels of the facility from individual PACTs and specialty service lines, to clinic and facility level leadership. Durham has embedded Greenbelt certified staff and systems redesign champions within each of our Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning (SAIL) domain workgroups and in specific service lines (e.g., emergency department, radiology, community living center). All QI efforts and results are reported directly to the Executive Leadership Team demonstrating support and buy-in for facility QI from the highest level of leadership.

  1. OAA-funded chief resident for quality and patient safety program in internal medicine
  2. 1 of 6 VA facilities funded for the Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Clinical Simulation: The simulation center is led by an interprofessional team that uses simulation and other educational tools to improve communication, teamwork, patient safety and system redesign issues that promote patient safety and impact overall healthcare delivery.
  3. Site for national VA Women’s Health Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) since 2012
  4. Hosts Geriatrics, Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC)
  5. Hub site for VISN-6 Mental Illness Research Education & Clinical Center (MIRECC)
  6. Hosts Center of Innovations in Health Services now named Accelerate Discovery and Practice Transformation (ADAPT): investigators currently lead 3 partnered evaluation initiatives, jointly funded by QUERI and national VA program offices
  7. Implementation Science Methods Lab: Key activities of the Lab include curating an implementation science library, coordinating a quarterly implementation and improvement science lecture series and facilitating a Partnered Rapid Response Section to review plans for both rapid-response VA grants and opportunities for ADAPT faculty to collaborate with operations-funded initiatives.
  8. Research: 35-year history, we have conducted hundreds of policy-relevant studies influencing Veterans’ health care, trained 143 physician and postdoctoral fellows, and supported 32 VA Career Development Awardees (CDAs). Our center has three focuses: (1) promoting and sustaining healthy behaviors; (2) enhancing access through virtual care; and (3) optimizing function and independence.
    1. 3 cross-cutting methods labs that represent resources for methodologic expertise: 1) a Pragmatic Clinical Trials Lab facilitates application of methods to evaluate effectiveness of interventions in real-life routine practice conditions; 2) a Non-Randomized Design Lab supports application of causal inference methods in observational studies and integration of novel data sources; and 3) our Implementation Lab is expanding to incorporate Improvement Science.
  9. Interdisciplinary learning collaborative: includes our existing OAA funded VA HSR&D fellows, the newly announced National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) fellowship, and the new Duke Department of Population Health (DPHS) with a recently approved K12 training program in Dissemination and Implementation

Senior Faculty Scholars

Karen Goldstein
Adam Goode
eleanor mcconnell

Patrick Calhoun, PhD, MA
Senior Psychologist Scholar

Karen Goldstein, MD, MPH
Senior Physician Scholar

Adam Goode, PhD, DPT
Senior Physical Therapist Scholar

Eleanor McConnell, PhD, RN
Senior Nurse Scholar