Career & Scholarship

Course Description:

As competent and confident leaders, VA Quality Scholar fellowship graduates develop skills to set and achieve personal learning goals that anticipate future professional needs. Fellows learn how to promote their own work and the work of others by developing skills in writing, publishing, and reviewing healthcare improvement scholarship. In addition, fellows develop skills to build careers in healthcare improvement though self-branding, effective interviewing, and negotiation.  Through this course, fellows will also learn the skills of publishing and promoting their QI work, as well as forwarding their own career trajectory through self-branding, effective interviewing, and negotiation by developing the following competencies:


  1. Describe the current literature about teaching improvement in health professions education
  2. Critique Literature
  3. Participate as a lecturer, small group leader, or teaching assistant in a course, class, or workshop about improvement
  4. Embrace a learner-centered pedagogy in understanding the developmental stages of learners
  5. Demonstrate scientific communication
  6. Communicate effectively with various constituencies that are consumers of QI information (caregivers and support staff, physician and administrative leaders, trustees, media)
  7. Develop an approach to setting and achieving personal learning goals that anticipate your emerging professional needs

Sample Sessions:

  • Scholarship of Teaching
  • Adult Learning Theory : Designing Teaching Strategies
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Writing and Publishing in QI : SQUIRE
  • Reviewing Manuscripts and Abstracts
  • Communicating Scholarly Results and Findings : Tailoring Communication of Results for the Public
  • Self-Branding/Marketing : Tailoring Experience for Desired Career Path
  • Interviewing and Negotiation
  • Work/Life Balance : Time Management