Corrine Abraham, DNP, RN

My interests in quality and safety education incorporate exploration of the pedagogy for adult and experiential learning in the development and evaluation of strategies to teach interprofessional teamwork, safety, and quality improvement methods. My work as an educator initially focused on integration of high-fidelity simulation which provided the foundation for my leadership within a pilot school aimed at integration of Quality & Safety in Nursing Education competencies in curricula as well as faculty development. Completing the VAQS fellowship expanded my understanding of improvement science. Based on my growing expertise, I was appointed the DNP Program Director at Emory School of Nursing, invited as key faculty for the School of Medicine Accelerating Change in Medical Education grant to develop faculty competency in quality improvement, and invited as co-investigator on a Macy grant “Preparing the Ground for Inter-professional Education” – all leading to my growing scholarship related to quality and safety education. My interests in implementation science incorporate a variety of theories in health systems leadership, quality improvement, reliability science, and complexity science. I have utilized both quantitative and qualitative methods to gain a richer understanding of barriers and facilitators of interventions. My work has extended to understanding the role of interprofessional teams supporting clinical practice in primary care, specialty care, and acute care settings related to chronic opioid use, fall prevention, prevention of infection, and care coordination. Most recently I co-led a system redesign program to pilot implementation of a new model of care for patients with cognitive disorders.