Prospective Fellows

The VA Quality Scholars fellowship offers the unique opportunity during a two-year fellowship to improve Veteran healthcare quality though innovation, teaching and research. This interprofessional program combines a broad curriculum with an individualized approach to meet the needs of each healthcare professional’s interests.  Doctoral and post-doc PhD and DNP nurses and physician who are completing their residency training may apply.

The VA Quality Scholars Fellowship offers many benefits including:

  • A paid full-time fellowship through the VA Office of Academic Affiliations
  • Incredible experience in quality improvement and patient safety scholarship by conducting quality improvement projects and research while working under the tutelage of senior physician and nurse mentors.
  • Meet and collaborate with other physician and nurse fellows from around the country
  • Cross-site learning experiences convened by faculty of the Houston Coordinating Center housed at the VA Center for Training in Healthcare Quality
  • Broad curriculum combined with individualized training at eight different sites

For more about the VA Quality Scholars Curriculum, click the link below.

Fellowship Locations:

For information on how to apply for a fellowship position at one of our sites, click on the link below. 

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